Wedding: Tony + Jenna Balistreri


On Saturday, June 11, 2016, I knocked upon the hotel door where Jenna and her bridesmaids were getting prepped and pampered.  The hotel suite was spacious and beautiful, including a large dining table for hair and make-up, living room where the flower girls watched cartoons, and a kitchenette held sandwiches for everyone.  The room was buzzing with energy and last moments checklists were being called off.  Jenna and her peeps planned everything perfectly, down to the last detail.  

Tony & Jenna shared special notes and gifts with each other before their wedding ceremony. Both expressed nervous smiles, excitement.  Jenna shed a few happy and anxious tears while reading Tony's notes.  With a Wizard of Oz theme, the wedding ceremony began by the bridal party following the yellow brick road down to a beautiful sand ceremony.  Tony and Jenna shared this day surrounded by many of their close family members, including great grandmothers who wear tiaras, as well as many close friends, all who love and support them both so much.  The reception site was decorated with so much attention to detail covering the Wizard of Oz movie with flying monkeys, ruby glass slipper table cards, cupcakes creating a path to Emerald City, Dorothy, Toto & their brood were every where you looked. By following the "Yellow Brick Road", Tony & Jenna's first sunset together as husband and wife reflected a vibrant golden yellow and orange sky. They continued their first steps as man and wife, dancing the night away as friends and family watched on... With so much love and support, Tony & Jenna, you two are on the right path to many amazing moments in your life.  May your rainbows be filled with love, light and happiness, always! Congratulations! XO- Jenna Foscato, Tiffany Blue Photography