Dad's are ordinary men, turned into HERO's

"DADS are most ordinary men, turned by love into Heroes, Adventurers, Story-Tellers and Singer of Songs."- Brown

A Father's Day Weekend Thought: Daddy's Little Girl...

It's funny how little girls grow up to become brides.  It begins with complete dependence upon Daddy to help them survive (along with a lot of help from Mom).  They're sweet and curious, days are long, but years fly by too fast.  They loose a tooth and they're hair isn't brushed, yet THERE they lay.  Still on top of Daddy's belly with their head under Daddy's chin, watching the sports event Daddy is watching.  From infancy, they lay upon Daddy's belly, until their toes can reach Daddy's toes and they start growing long and lanky.  Daddy helps them with homework, stays awake at night to read them story books and asks them how their day went.  Daddy attends dances at school and takes them out for Daddy/Daughter Date night.  Daddy attends every Theatrical Play and every Tae Kwon Do event, Daddy even signs up to coach T-Ball for his little girl. The new school year begins and the seasons blow on.  They worry about fashion and friends, but still make time for Daddy. They leave home for college and make lunch dates with Dad. Until one day, a boy comes along.  With one quick SWOOP, Daddy's little girl is putting on a beautiful bridal dress, wearing making, hair all fancy and done, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She is all grown up, within a blink of an eye, Daddy is walking his little Princess down the aisle to become someone's, WIFE.  

As a Wisconsin Wedding Photographer AND as a parent, I wonder where did all the time go? Although my children are six and seven years old, I consider myself very lucky, blessed and incredibly GRATEFUL!  Every single day, I am with my children.  Teaching them about consequences and appropriate behavior, giving them the opportunities I never had, watching them develop their own identity, training them to think for for themselves, to become smart, responsible, loving, giving, talented and AMAZING people.  

At EVERY wedding event I capture, I tear up and cry (TRUE STORY, you can ask my bride's, even now, I've cried twice while writing this thought).  It's all about the THOUGHT, behind the action, I'm capturing, at that VERY moment.  This is why I love my job as a Wedding Photographer.  It's the emotion I love to capture and help preserve one of the most important days of someone's life.  My job of telling their story and how people in their life, interact with them.  It is TRULY an honor to share in this event.

ONE DAY,  I'll look at my adult children and view them as if their two years old self, remember my time spent with them -- two hour nap time in the middle of the day, lots of walks to the park with our dog Bailey, three different double strollers, one for traveling, one for running and one for every day at the mall, the many classes at MY GYM or YMCA, the laughs, the cute silly things they do and say--that is truly a gift from GOD!  Amen.

I want to thank all the Father's in the world, for being present in their children's lives.  This day is to honor you in helping to create a love and bond that is so unique and so sweet, no mom, no man, no sweetheart can compare, to that of a Daddy and his Daughter or Son.  Good Daddy's give and they give of themselves and their time, all for the love and greatness of their children.