Matt & Jenna's First Look

Wedding days are a mad rush to prepare for the ceremony and reception PAR-TAEHHH.  The Bride and Groom are separated until the ceremony, where they see each other for the first time in view of family and friends. The Bride and Groom kiss to seal the deal and are whisked away to a Receiving Line, greeting and thanking each guest who came to their wedding celebration.  Add 2 hours for Family Portraits, Bridal Party Portraits, Bride's Portriats and Groom's Portraits.  Following the Receiving Line, the Bride and Groom enter the reception for the Grand March, Toasts, Dinner, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Daughter/Father Dance, Mother Son Dance, Flower Toss, Garter Toss and then dancing the night away until the wee hours of the evening.  Finally a moments of peace, the Groom looks at his Bride, who is thinking about how nice it would be to take off her high heels, change into a big shirt and lay horizontally for a while moment, perhaps, upon a Tempur-Pedic bed with cool gels and snuggle until the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon awaken her, just like Sleeping Beauty wakes up with a sweet kiss from Prince Charming.

Matt & Jenna wanted to share in a "First Look" before their wedding ceremony.  A "First Look" is a very precious and special moment shared between the Bride and Groom. The "First Look" moment is not to be replaced with the excitement of walking down the aisle, but it's viewed as an additional moment, that is very private and special to a wedding day.  Matt & Jenna were excited and see each other for the first time and enjoyed a few minutes in to themselves before their fun and busy day of celebration with lot of AMAZING family and friends, who traveled around the globe to attend Mattt & Jenna's Wedding.  People say their wedding day was one of the most happiest day of their lives.  Now, Matt & Jenna are able to think back to their wedding day memories, this happiest day of their lives and I hope that one of their most favorite moments will be from their First Look moments we captured.  Much love and happiness to you both Matt & Jenna!  xo, Jenna