Mark + Aubrey Engagement

What’s in a smile?  A simple curl of the lips.  The beautiful bow in red, full, lusciousness can complete a man.  Make him feel whole.  What’s in a smile?  A simple and quiet smile from the man that you love can make a woman feel safe and secure.  Mark and Aubrey fell in love with just their first look at each other’s face.  The beauty of a couple lies deep within their souls and it cannot be taken for granted.  It’s looking into each other’s face and finding the home you have been searching for all your life that will make a man propose to the woman he loves.  Congratulations Mark and Aubrey on your upcoming wedding in 2016.  Your love is infectious and a beautiful sight to be around.

Joel + Heather | Milwaukee Art Museum

The warm sun beaded down upon Lake Michigan with a perfectly cool breeze.  I met up with Joel and Heather for their engagement session at the very cool Milwaukee Art Museum.  Everyone was out enjoying the day, there was music playing by the fountain, white balloons took flight by the lakefront, fun was in the air.  Two young professionals, ready to start their lives together and so in love made it an picturesque session!  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon Joel and Heather.  I can't wait for your downtown Milwaukee wedding in October!  Enjoy your sneak peak.