Mark + Aubrey Engagement

What’s in a smile?  A simple curl of the lips.  The beautiful bow in red, full, lusciousness can complete a man.  Make him feel whole.  What’s in a smile?  A simple and quiet smile from the man that you love can make a woman feel safe and secure.  Mark and Aubrey fell in love with just their first look at each other’s face.  The beauty of a couple lies deep within their souls and it cannot be taken for granted.  It’s looking into each other’s face and finding the home you have been searching for all your life that will make a man propose to the woman he loves.  Congratulations Mark and Aubrey on your upcoming wedding in 2016.  Your love is infectious and a beautiful sight to be around.

Paul + Carla | Engagement Session | Hubertus, Wisconsin

Be silly and laugh every day, be thoughtful and generous, kiss each other good night, learn from each other, fall in love and grow old together.  Carla and Paul are silly, serious and so in love.  You can tell by the way they look at each other.  At times, the looks between the two of them, were so intimate, so hot, I had to stop and peak out from behind my camera to make sure the lens wasn't fogging up.  I can't wait for your upcoming wedding in 2016.  Enjoy your sneak peak...

Tony + Jenna | Engagement Session | New Berlin, Wisconsin

Tony and Jenna are made up of puppy love blossomed into a deep passionate love "fur" (hehe) each other, then came their two adorable "fur-babies".   Bailey is a daddy's girl with her Detroit Lions jersey and Riley is a sweet mama's boy representing Packers, always needing to watch where their parents are going and wanting to be close.  This little unit is solid. They know how to let go and frolic in a day of fun! Tony and Jenna, enjoy your sneak peak!  Thanks for an awesome Fall afternoon in the park.

Brian + Jill | Engagement Portraits | Holy Hill, Wisconsin

A couple that plays together, stays together.  After spending a warm and gorgeous Fall afternoon with Brian and Jill, that is what I believe! High school sweethearts now "enfianced".  Brian and Jill  throw flirty gazes upon each other all day long.  Be it over a reflected pond covered with fallen leaves, coming across one of the biggest and gentle dogs I've ever seen, the holiness of Holy Hill Basilica Church, the glory of a Wisconsin "Fall-scape" (like that made up word?) or at one of the many AWESOME apple stands in our area, these two know how to play and don't take each other for granted. I can't wait until your wedding in July 2016! 

Matt & Jenna. Lakefront Love.

Once upon a time, there was girl named Jenna  who had an older brother.  This older brother had many guy friends.  Matt happened to be a very good friend.  When Matt and Jenna met, they knew, they were soulmates.  Together, these two have traveled the world, but agree there is no place like home.  Matt, Jenna and their dog Oliver are living the Milwaukee city lakefront lifestyle and are so in love.   Matt proposed to Jenna and their wedding is set for Summer 2016.  It was one of the most beautiful days in Milwaukee capturing moments  of their Engagement Session @ #McKinley Beach and around #Lakefront Brewery.  Matt, Jenna & Oliver, thanks for the awesome day and cheers to you guys!