Mark + Aubrey Engagement

What’s in a smile?  A simple curl of the lips.  The beautiful bow in red, full, lusciousness can complete a man.  Make him feel whole.  What’s in a smile?  A simple and quiet smile from the man that you love can make a woman feel safe and secure.  Mark and Aubrey fell in love with just their first look at each other’s face.  The beauty of a couple lies deep within their souls and it cannot be taken for granted.  It’s looking into each other’s face and finding the home you have been searching for all your life that will make a man propose to the woman he loves.  Congratulations Mark and Aubrey on your upcoming wedding in 2016.  Your love is infectious and a beautiful sight to be around.

Best Friends: Colleen & Deanna Share A Day In Their Life

This Sunday was no ordinary best friend photoshoot.  Oh no!  This was a best friend, PLUS wife and husband with two fur babies PLUS girlfriend and boyfriend with one fur baby resulting in one of the best Sunday photoshoot's I've done, EVER!  Colleen and Deanna have been best friends for ten years, Colleen and Ross have been married for two years and Deanna and Mitch have been together for five years.  With fur babies Sierra, Shadow and Harley, life is never boring as some of the pictures show their liveliness and sweet demeanor. We explored downtown Milwaukee Public Market, allies, loading docks, bridges and ended the day with beers.  Blue skies, sixty degrees and a day in the city doing what I love to do with some of the best people I've met, makes me one happy photographer.