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Springtime in Milwaukee, Wisconsin equals numerous days of rain.  As a “fur-parent” of a white fluffy dog who likes to play outside, that means lots of wiping down or if it’s bad enough, a trip to the groomers.  This was bad, Maliya was chasing rabbits under bushes and trees just the day after it rained.  Our Petco and PetSmart Groomers were both busy washing other dogs, so I decided to looked up our local Dog Groomers on Google.  Scruffy Dog Groomery, LLC came up on my search with five stars rating and located only a couple of miles away.  Plus and Plus.  I made an appointment, dropped off Maliya and then headed for my morning workout.  Upon my return, I found Maliya was perfectly groomed and her haircut brought out her distinct traits of what a Mini-Golden Doodle is suppose to look like.  Maliya was so fluffy, smelled so sweet, happily wagging her tale and sporting a new bow on her dog collar.  

Danyelle Young, A.K.A. Dany, has been grooming since 2010 and opened Scruffy Dog Groomery, LLC in June of 2016, only 11 1/2 months ago.  My family is a big supporter of local businesses and I’m super supportive of other #girlbosses.  Danyelle’s grooming shop is so cool and modern.  The ambiance is a perfect mix of Martha Stewart’s touches of warm welcome, cleanliness and orderly added with a side of Chip and Joanna Gaines HGTV show, “Fixer Upper” is how I would describe the shop.  Danyelle and long time sweetheart decorated the shop with furniture they made themselves.  From homemade dog collar holders to the coffee table or front desk that greets clients, these two compliment each other and work together to make Scruffy Dog Groomery, LLC a place you want to spend some time and feel happy to leave your other beloved family member to get their spa like service.

Dany is very friendly, personal and so easy going.  Her smile is genuine and expertise in Grooming will make you return time and again.  But this girl is doing so well, she is booking appointment two to three weeks in advance.  So if you are looking for a Dog Groomer that offers loves your pets as much as you do, provides a clean and very hip atmosphere along with a big smile and personal attention, I highly recommend checking out Scruffy Dog Groomery, LLC.