Fashion Friday: Get out of your comfortable zone and get what you want

So, I bought a watch off CraigsList and off I go to Starbucks to pick it up.  In walks Mohney Rana.  Tall. Thin. Long raven colored hair and bright, beautiful eyes.  I believe in going with your gut instincts.  My instinct said, “Ask if she will model for you, but do it in a way that is not so creepy.” LOL.  I mean, everyone knows to meet at a public place when doing a CraigsList transaction, right? Right.  Sidebar, If you're not in the know, NOW you know! So keep it in the public, Yo!  Ok. Done.  So, here I am, about to ask this girl if she would model for me.  From an outside body person watching the situation go down, it seems creepy?  Yes, I know, but I’m just a girl too, who is sporting around in  LV and Tiffany.  I know, I do NOT represent creepy.  I start off with checking out my new watch, I love it.  I pay for my new tech toy and proceed to tell Mohney that I’m a Fashion Magazine Style Portrait & Wedding Photographer and I ask if she models.  Mohney said she is about to graduate Law School and was always interested in pursuing modeling on the side.  Perfect! I ask if I can do her headshots and then I showed Mohney my Tiffany Blue Photography website, my galleries, my FaceBook, my Instagram all to verify that I’m “2Legit 2Quit” - thank you M.C. Hammer, Heeeaaayyyy!.  Mohney says yes and we schedule a day to shoot that week. I invited Mohney to my studio and asked her to bring a friend so she will feel comfortable. The session was short, 45 minutes short, to capture four looks.  This was Mohney Rana’s first time modeling and this was my opportunity to practice quickly directing "flow posing" while working on camera sharpness and lighting.  I'm quite happy with our turn out.  We had a fun session where Mohney Rana BROUGHT her inner most Kim Kardashian 'dude!  Yes Girl.  Work it Girl.  I can't wait to have Mohney back for another session. Here are some of the images we captured for Mohney Rana’s Model Headshots.

Was I wanting to shoot more Fashion Style Magazine Portraits?  Yes. Always down.  Was the situation random?  YES, but that is what make me me.  I love variety and I always come back full circle to the topic at hand.  Did I get what I wanted?  FO SHO! In the process of feeling weird and uncomfortable, I got my fashion styled magazine shoot done and a gave a gift to a potentially new face model, born and raised Midwest Yo, Mohney Rana!  Sometimes, you can't just stay in your safe and pretty and socially protected bubble.  You HAVE to put yourself out there, in the awkwardness, to get what you want.  I got a watch, a model, a fashion styled magazine shoot and now a new friend.  Yay, all is well in Tiffany Blue Photography land.  

Say what you want out loud for the universe to hear.  I hope you go after what you want and continue to be inspired by the little random acts that happen in your daily life.  Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Awesome.  This life is short, how are you gonna get yours today?  Have a great weekend friends!