Silly Siblings & The New Boyfriend: Marshall, Matthew, Megan Sukovich & Jake Raffel

When I first met Marshall, he was in seven years old, and he would play with my babies, Emily & Connor, during our Christmas Eve Family Parties.  Now, Marshall is about to graduate high school and still a sweetheart, funny, charming and so super smart.  Matthew, is a little bit more reserved, chilled and refined, like a fine wine, he sparkles and shines whenever he smiles and has been the same ever since he was younger.  Now, Matthew is about to finish his second year in college, on track for law school.  Watch out courtroom, Matthew will sway your decision to match his, just with his "smolder".  Megan is a beautiful person, in her soul and in her work with people.  Megan's personality has only evolved more and more brightly, and it's been a privilege to watch Megan grow from a young teen, high school grad, college grad, travel the world and now find her love and passion working in Human Resources.  Megan met Jake Raffel in college, and a friendship throughout the years, developed a fond sweetness for each that just screams, "better together".  It was a fun family Christmas Eve Holiday Party this last 2016 Season.  It's gone from visiting Wisconsin and attending parties at one of the different Foscato Family Siblings House for ten years to now hosting the party at our Wisconsin Family Homestead for the last two years.  Life is amazing and it goes by so fast, especially when you watch beautiful young ones grow into amazing adults.  God bless the Sukovich Family, for they have been raised with love, respect and they are bright shiny lights in this world. I'm so honored and proud to be part of their family.  Go forth and be AWESOME this 2017 Sukovich Famly! XO-Jenna