Destination Wedding: Michael & DeeDee Bush | IberoRose Hall Suites, Montego Bay, Jamaica

My BFF MARRIED my husband’s BFF! Whaaaaaat? Sounds like a Bravo TV Series headliner, I know.  Mike is one of my husband’s childhood best friends.  When Mike brought DeeDee for double date nights, I fell in love with her.  DeeDee and I shake our booties and dance while waiting for drinks at the bar.  We are the first peeps on the dance floor at parties, weddings or at live band events and festivals. We’re those girls who are the last ones off the dance floor singing the lyrics out loud to the music.  DeeDee has one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known.  I admire her talents as a goal setter, a mover and a shaker. Also, DeeDee is one of the most loving, giving, thoughtful and GOOD souled people, I have ever met.  DeeDee always has my back and I’m honored to have her back.  When time came for picking bridesmaids, I was excited to receive my bottle of wine with a picture of DeeDee and I on it, and branding was, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Excited to do double duty, I did my best to BE DeeDee’s Bridesmaid and Their Wedding Photographer.  

Standing barefoot on white soft sand, beside the turquoise blue water and cool tropical breezes, Mike and DeeDee became man and wife in front of twenty-five close family and friends.  Their destination dream wedding took place on the beach of Iberostar Rose Hall Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on the couple’s favorite holiday, October 31, 2016, Halloween.  The bridesmaids wore iris colored chiffon dresses and the groomsmen wore teal short sleeve button down shirts with light colored pants.  Mike met his bride wearing a white shirt and light colored pants.  DeeDee wore a beautiful white fitted chiffon wedding gown and gown belt that sparkled by the delicate beading in shapes of flowers.  The bridal bouquet cascaded bright purple and bright white orchids. 

After the ceremony, Mike & DeeDee walked up the aisle and shared their first dance on the beach to the song Better Together by Jack Johnson, while family and friends created a circle of love around the wedded couple.  We shared a champagne toast and watched the couple cut their wedding cake from the world famous Iberostar Rose Hall Cheesecake. The reception was held at the hotel’s Beach House Restaurant and choice of steak, chicken or fish were plated and served.  After toast and dinner was completed, the wedding party went back to change into costumes and then danced the whole night long at the IberoRose “Discotech”.  I kid you not, that is what it was called, which reminds me of my high school French class, “Voulez-vous aller a’ la discoteque? Alors! Mais bien sur.”

I felt like I was given a gift. A week on an warm and tropical island with my hunky husband, doing bridesmaid duties while hanging out with our friends all day for a dream destination wedding in Jamaica celebrating the union of our two best friend’s wedding, while given the honor to capture these special moments, doing what I love to do! The entire experience WAS a present.  And that is where I lived, in the moment, present and loving every minute of it. Mike & DeeDee, I am thrilled you are now married and starting off the year in your big and brand new home.  You two have done the work, you have done the journey and after all this time, you’ve finally crossed the finish line and come out winners!  May you continue to always be winners and put your love first, every day, making the choice to always fall in love, over and over, again and again!  I love you guys.  Thank you for allowing me into your life, your hearts and I look forward for more of the best to come in our future!  XOXO, Jenn