Studio Portrait Session with Kylie.

I love shooting portraits outdoors in natural light at golden hour.  Brrrrrr.  With fifteen below zero, it's hard to do that.  Time to move indoors and practice with my flash, umbrellas, soft boxes and other studio lighting.  My girlfriend's daughter was kind enough to model for me.  I set up the studio with the different lighting I wanted to try and then set up the make up.  Kylie came with clean hair and face. We did a slight blow out to get lift in the crown, then picked up one inch sections for a loose curl.  We did a little brow, eyeshadow, mascara and just a tint of lipstick.  We started off testing the light and then had mom hold the blow dryer on cold air to blast fashion mag model breezes on Kylie's face.  Then, we tied a scarf on her for some shots and changed into a black sequined dress that was the perfect little accessory to Kylie's sparkling eyes and personality.  We had a lot of fun in such a short time.  In total, we spent about an hour and a half from start to finish.  Here are some of my favorite images we captured together.

Now that I've got this one down, let's hang out!  Let's get together and come over for an hour and half, have some homemade cookies, get your hair and make up done, then shoot in a very simple studio for your portrait session.  It will be so much fun.