Wedding: Eric & Sarah Albrecht, The Florian - Germantown, Wisconsin

The Florian Park lobby located in Germantown, Wisconsin was buzzing with people breathlessly awaiting the outdoor gazebo wedding for Eric and Sarah.  Sarah was hidden in the Bride’s Dressing Room with her hair and makeup all done. With the bride's mother, two bridesmaids and two step daughters-to-be, Sarah had all the helpers she needed to assist her with putting on her fabulous white flowing wedding gown, sateen shoes and beautiful jewelry.  The bride's first look with her father happened quickly before the wedding.  It may have been short and sweet, but a large amount of proud and happy tears filled the room.  The groom was getting ready with his brother and three other best friends in the Groom's Dressing Room.  The men looked handsome wearing gray suites accented with mint color bow ties and vest.  The blue sky dazzled with white fluffy clouds above the gazebo.  During the wedding ceremony, Sarah, Eric and his two daughters united together as a new family unit by performing a sand ceremony, combining individual bottles of sand into one glass frame. Eric & Sarah's wedding was special to me because, Eric and Sarah met while on duty in the Army, serving and protecting our country's rights and freedom!  If this pair’s love can blossom during time of service for our country, I know for sure their love will endure the test of time.  Congratulations again to Eric & Sarah!  Enjoy your new life together and I know you will be enjoying new adventures to come~ XO, Jenna