A Disney Princess Birthday Party for Sloane Karroll

Once upon a time, in the land of beautiful Colgate, Wisconsin, lived a very sweet and lively little girl named Sloane Karroll.  All of her life, she dreamed and hoped that someday soon, she too would receive her coronation day to become a Disney Princess.  The fairies and little blue birds told the magical queen of Sloane Karrol'ls wishes and so on her 3rd birthday, Sloane Karroll's wishes came true.  A birthday party was held at the castle.  From all over the land, family and friends arrived with lots of presents for Sloane Karroll.  During the party, there was a knock at the door.  Who could it be?  Well, two Disney Princess, Princess Belle and Princess Snow White. There was time for story reading and personal greetings and coloring pictures.  The Princesses made ice cream punch, hand cut sandwiches shaped like crowns and decorated with different candies. The Princessess were so talented , they even made dessert in the shape of a glass slipper for each child at the party.  Everyone ate the most delicious cookies decorated like Princess Belle and Princess Snow White's dresses and Sloane Karroll blew out her third birthday candle on top of one of those delicious cookies.  Sloane Karroll opended her present and played for a long time with her friends and the Disney Princesses.  The celebration day was coming to an end, but the start of a new beginning was about to happen.  Sloane Karroll's life long dream of becoming a Disney Princess was made a reality.  There upon the castle balcony, in front of her family and friends, Princess Bell and Princess Snow White crowned their newest Disney Princess, Sloane Karroll, to rule over the land of Colgate, Wisconsin.  The people were very happy and celebrated their new Princess.  All was right in the world and Princess Sloane Karroll slept well that night because she wished upon a star and all her wishes became true.  Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Sloane Karroll!