Wedding: Matt + Patti Kurtz, Farmhouse in Freedonia, Wisconsin

Matt, a Pilot and Patti, a Nutritional Dietician met online. Patti is Matt's perfect "adventure-mate-for-life", so much so, Matt proposed to Patti during an adventure hike in the California Redwood Forest. Matt fulfills Patti's life with smiles and laughs so hard, she throws her head back, mouth wide open and with smiling eyes, Patti literally, "LOL's".  Their love is undeniable! 

It's the third day of Summer 2016. The brilliant blue sky broke through the storm clouds  and the sun shined brightly upon the historic Kurtz family farmhouse in Freedonia, Wisconsin. In the front yard, greeters in the driveway cheerfully invite guest to park in the back field, the microphone systems were carefully set up.  The poignantly groomed landscaping and several types of bird feeders provided a picturesque backdrop.  Hand painted signs where placed around the property, the musicians practiced their songs as simple wooden white chairs and wooden rustic arbor were set for the wedding ceremony.  The draped grapevine wine garden provided shade for the hand made bar created from old Jack Daniels barrels and lids. Curated images of Matt & Patti hung on twine and lined the wooden post.  The wine garden was perfectly decorated and supplies were prepared to host the receiving line as wedding guest greet the new Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kurtz. Several strings of vintage miniature Edison bulbs, Christmas lights and old gas lanterns where ready to provide a warm glow of lovely light, illuminating the evenings festivities. Several corn hole boxes and enormous Jenga blocks provided entertainment for wedding guest.  A large white tent stood tall among the farm fields, providing shelter for several tables covered in white table clothes and decorated with beautiful hand picked flowers placed in mason jars.  Patti's hair piece came from her mother's wedding veil.  Patti's belt and bottom of the wedding gown were pieces of lace from Patti's mother's wedding dress.  Matt wore a three piece gray suit and wheat colored tie. The historic farmhouse was buzzing with energy.  

The wedding ceremony was elegant and simple.  The receiving line stretched out and around the circle driveway.  After dinner, heart touching toasts were given, the cutting of the cake traditions, along with the couple's first dance, mother and son dance and lastly...the father and daughter dance, with a surprise live performance from Patti's brother.   There wasn't a dry eye under the tent.  The love and mutual respect Patti shares with her father was easily apparent.  My mascara ran as I attempted to capture the many precious moments that will become Matt & Patti's treasured wedding momentums.  One day, these will be passed down from generation to generation.  

A couple weeks before the wedding, I was invited to the Kurtz historic farmhouse to review our wedding time line, chase the light and scout locations for formal portraits.  I was treated to a BBQ dinner of Jack Daniel's hand stuffed hamburgers with all the fixin's and homemade pickled beets and pickled garlic.  I washed it down with Ken's home made beer.  Man, was I was spoiled! I get to know Matt's parents better that evening.  When Ken & Gail Kurtz bought their farmhouse, Gail's mother cried at the state the farmhouse was in at that time it was purchased.  Ken & Gail had a vision and created a beautiful home, they loved their son and watched him grow up in this home.  Now, the Kurtz are hosting the ceremony venue at their farmhouse and welcoming a new daughter into their family.  

Our time is short.  I believe the moments we create and share is what makes life worth living. Being a Portrait & Wedding Photography, I don't take these moments for granted.  I relish in them. Maybe a little to My job is to freeze these moments, that we will never happen again, so that one day, Matt & Patti will look back at these images and remember that feeling they had on their wedding day...

Congratulation Matt & Patti.  Thank you for choosing Tiffany Blue Photography.  It was an awesome experience and truly an honor to be your Wedding Photographer.