During a meeting with a client, I glanced down at my hand and noticed a bear ring finger.  I’ve become mentally overwhelmed and forgetful.  Between editing a wedding, planning the timeline and execution of twelve more weddings, adding a fashion shoot, two more elaborate fashion styled family sessions, coming back from Chicago on vacation, figuring out the kids summer programs, scheduling T-ball practice as a co-Coach, in between birthday parties, Tae Kwon Do and Hip Hop dance practice, and deciding what to give teachers for the end of the year gifts and party for the class as co-headroom mom…YIKES! 

What did I do?  This is ALL my fault.  I admit it. I’m not as organized as I ‘SHOULD BE”.  I removed my ring and placed it somewhere in my “NON-ORGANIZED” house.  BUT, I don’t remember doing it, that’s the scary thing to me!  Photographer post I read say that if your house is a mess with laundry piled high, dust bunnies under your couch and five days of dry shampoo in your hair, you must be putting in the hustle, passionate about what your doing and becoming successful in your photography business.  Which is true…except I’m onto six days of dry shampoo and two feet tall of laundry that needs to be folded.

I started saying prayers to the Lord above. I stepped away from the computer and started doing a clean sweep of the bedside table, not there.  The other bedside table, not there.  The floors beside the bed, not there.  Emptied my purse out and looked through all the pockets, not there.  I search the kitchen counters and little doo-dad holders, not there.  I cleaned out my desktop and little drawers and wiped down the countertops, still no where to be found.  I called the hotel in Chicago where I was yesterday to see if I left it there, they confirmed no ring was found.

What do I tell my husband?  Should I not say anything?  Should I try to find another ring similar to my ring?  No. Dishonesty would kill my spirit and my marriage.  No!  I decided to tell my husband when I sat on my bed and engagement ring popped out from under the blanket…I held my breath…I carefully pulled back the blanket again and found my wedding band.  I removed my ring, in my sleep ya’ll!  It’s subconscious sleeping and that is why I couldn’t remember what I did with it.  Thank you Lord for saving my soul, I began to sing out loud!  Hallelujah, Mount Zion!  The Lord has graced my mind with peace and now realize what I need to…

My lessons learned from losing my ring:

1)    My marriage, my children, my home is my PRIORITY

2)    Meditate/Pray EVERYDAY…slow the brain down and live in your moment

3)    Lying or Dishonesty is never acceptable, even in times of hard and difficult truths…live your truth, faults and all.  Own it!  Do what’s right, ALWAYS and you will be blessed in your life. 

4)    In order to CREATE, you need a GOAL – Daily, Weekly & Monthly.

a.    Write down your GOAL

b.    List your steps, in backwards order of how you need to hustle in order to get to the goal

5)    Take care of yourself:

a.    Eat right

b.    Vitamains

c.    Exercise

d.    Sleep

Especially during the begging of wedding season, I vow to follow my lesson I learned, to slow down my brain and live in each moment. 

...AND give my husband my wedding bands to hold until after wedding season slows down… :)