CHEERS Y'ALL. It's Girls Night OUT!

The Urban Dictionary defines the term BACHELORETTE as " unmarried woman, usually described an affianced woman having a night on the town with her friends soon before her wedding."  And that is exactly how Miss Jenna Marie planned to spend her last "Girls Night Out" on the town before her June 2016 Wedding.  Miss Jenna Marie was equipped with her tutu, bride-to-be banner, princess crown and all the sassiness that was about to be brought upon the Downtown Milwaukee venues.  SAFETY FIRST in mind, why drink and drive when you can load up your closest friends and party on the Partridge Family Bus .  We can't tell you how the rest of the evening went, SSSSSSHHHHHH!  However, we started with a bang and Miss Jenna Marie had a night to remember for the rest of her life.