My family is made up of Princesses & Super Heroes

Mi familia.  We were able to spend Spring Break together with family -- cousins got to play Princesses & Super Heroes.  Lots of yummy food, catching up with each other's lives, and some lots of messy, role playing, game throwing, air hockey-ing, table tennis and wii playing times with our loved ones.  The most memorable memories for me was playing with my cousins, having really good food to munch on and then playing again until the very end of the evening.  Now as we are older, I visit L.A. and my cousins are my siblings, we still get together, their children and all, come out to my hotel and we hang out for a little bit, laugh, take photos and just BE, together. I want that for my children.  I believe in instilling these so-called traditions, what you expect from a family, to nurture them to be close, to share, to care and respect one another.  Time and moments is what I treasure in my lifetime.  My house may be a mess, but we have food, we have family, we have friends and we create memories, all while having FUN! Happy Thursday everyone.  I hope you create some memories this week that are unforgettable as well. PEACE!