Meet the GREATS! Great Grandpa Vincent & Great Grandma Dorothy...God Bless America!

My husband's side of the family is HUGE.  My children's Great Grandparents, Vincent and Dorothy met in high school.  They fell in love.  Bought a house and then raised twelve children.  Their children had children.  And their children had children.  Every Christmas Eve the family gets together to share stories or updates on accomplishments, graduations, weddings or to tell other funny stories that happened throughout the year, eat some yummy appetizer one of the aunts have made, drink brandy slush, exchange a white elephant gift have a sleighing good time.  It was an honor to host the annual family Christmas party and it was a bigger honor to capture these two together in my little studio.  As Grandma Dorothy always says instead of using a cursing word, "Oh, God Bless America!"  These two youths is how our family started and and I'm so glad to be part of their legacy, their family and it's an honor to know two people who had so many children, still married and still in love.  It's truly a blessing.