Why do I do weddings?

All the cliché answers are, “I love weddings”…”I love telling your love story”…”I love love”.  YES!  This is true, but too generic of an answer.  Wedding photography is an innate ability for me.  It’s like knowing you have an itch and knowing the exact location of where to scratch that itch.  Hmm, not sure that was a good example, however, I digress.  Weddding photography is an obsession.  It’s the thrill of the hunt.  It’s taking more images than necessary and finding that, “OHHHH, there it is!” shot.  Wedding photography is more than that to me, oh so much more.  I absolutely love people.  My husband feels uncomfortable when I speak to total strangers.  Like I have torets and have to comment on someone’s cute outfit, or beautiful eyes or makes some comment about something funny that sticks out in a funny situation.  I’m always looking for funny situations.  Everyday, I make myself laugh, it’s as if I live in a modern day “ I Love Lucy” episode.

For me, wedding photography is about getting to know you as a couple.  It’s about taking your fist nervous engagement shots.  It’s about sharing the Big day that celebrates two people, who lived independently from each other for many years and then…finds each other, to start their new lives together.  After the big Wedding day, it turns into taking maternity portraits, that turns into newborn portraits, that turns into family Christmas card photos, that turns into your children’s Graduation Portraits, that turns into generational portraits. 

Wedding Photography is the beginning of creating a relationship with you and your loved ones. I love to share moments with people.  That’s what life is all about, our moments we share with the people in our life.  I’m curious about what makes your world go round and round.  It all begins at one point. And I chose this path…and I am so grateful!