Traditional with a twist.

The moment I entered the hotel room, the music was poppin' and the bridal party was getting ready.  The tone was set.  There was a lot of traditional sequencing throughout the wedding day, but with a twist of turned up fun. There was traditional formal wear, family home made items such as a gift card container cut down, hollowed out with a heart carved on the side from an old oak tree, a hand made oak table with bark still exposed on the edging and oak platters on tabletops, all from Nicole's grandfather's land.  The gorgeous white roses with blue and purple orchids were all designed and created by the bride's best friend. Chris and Nicole now follow a traditional family portrait that Chris' parents started on their wedding day and annually since their wedding, 40 plus years ago.  However the twist of fun is when the bridal party sashayed down the aisle with piggy back dancing, wig wearing, scooter riding, wheel-barrel frolicking while sporting easy going sunglass attitudes. The last shot of the day, was one of my favorites.  It was a generational portrait consisting of hands showing wedding rings of the bride and grooms grandmother's, mother's and the wedding couple. The day was amazing.  The crowd was charged with love and support for the bride and groom.  Chris and Nicole's wedding day went by so fast, but the memories will be treasured.