My precious Connor James is turning 6 years old this month.  He is full of energy, life and always up for being loud and messing around.  He is the sweetest to his mama.  I just love him so much, he is my favorite son.  Ha, because I only have one.  For two months, I will have two 6 year old children until Emily turns 7.  Yikes!  Both my children are my greatest gifts from God and I do not take their presence in my life for granted.  I've never known so much love until I was able to hold my babies for the first time.  Connor's been reading since preschool, love tae kwon do, super hero especially Hulk Smash, legos, drawings, creating books, pretending to create youtube videos, signing and dancing to the latest dance pop music, especially Michael Jackson's Billy Jean.  I celebrate my son this month and hope you enjoy these moments showcasing his smooth moves and long lashes.  Happy 6th Birthday Connor!  Mama and Dad are very proud of you and love you so much!