A Day With A New Baby

For less than 24 hours, it was such a joy and honor to watch these two new parents at home with their new baby Eva Victoria Grace Baker. Their busy careers take a backseat to this new adorable addition. Exhausted and tired, Nick and Dawn find joy in the little moments such as in Eva's breathing, her reactions to her name being called, her little cries that only Mommy Dawn or Daddy Nick can comfort. What an amazing pair of parents. This baby is so lucky to have so much love and affection by two parents who are also so in love with each. I believe Eva is going to run the world with the love and support of these two incredible parents.  Nick tells me that he just wants his baby girl to know that her Daddy loves and supports her, no matter what.  Dawn is amazing and became a protective and loving mama bear.  I've been waiting for this day to come a long time.  To see your best friend make another human being and have a family, words cannot describe the feeling of happiness and content I have for them.  Kinda like your life is complete with a new human being created by two people who love and support each other.  Life is incredible.