Myungho: Korean 1st Birthday

Korean 1st Birthday: The Doljabi. This is the big event at a traditional Korean’s first birthday.  The birthday baby is placed in front of various items and encouraged to choose an item.  It is thought that the item the baby chooses predicts their future.  Myuhgho Park celebrated his first birthday with his big brother Kungho, big sister Minji, OMA (Mommy) Jin, Daddy Ben, Aunties, Uncles, Grandma and of course his closes family church friends.  

Myungho celebrated by eating a healthy dinner, spending time with his peeps, taking a power nap in the middle of his Doljabi, selecting a stethoscope predicting his future in medicine, ending the evening smashing the yummy cake.  OMA Jin took lots of time planning this special day for her third child by setting up the decorations, art work, photographs, cake, food and finally the wonderful slideshow movie of Myungho's birth and first year of life with his family.  This constantly smiling happy baby proves his life is full of love and his every need is met by his family and friends.  Happy 1st Birthday Myhungho!