Finn & Sloane

Oh my goodness, what to say about these two cute little people in my family.  I am the luckiest Auntie!  When I get to spend time with this brother and sister duo, all bets are off.  It's time for lollipops, chocolate, juice with heart straws, chicken nuggets, and whatever toy they want to play with.  My job is to spoil these two souls and always be a friend to them.  Sloane will be eighteen months, going on...teenage...with her baby talk and..."don't you understand what I'm saying?" look.  Finn will be three soon.  He is my sweet little Disney loving' pal.  We can find all toys Disney related and play for hours...including Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and we have to give thumbs up to Bubble Guppies from Nickelodeon!  Our photo session was an afternoon, that turned into dinner and after play.  What a lucky girl I am to have two little ones that can sit on my lap while we watch Disney movies on my IMAC.  Thank you Finn and Sloane for an awesome Saturday night date!