Matt+Patti | Engagement Session 2015 |Delafield, Wisconsin

Matt, the airplane Pilot met Patti the Nutrionalist.  The two fell in love over a year ago and now they're engaged to marry in 2016.  These two have an infectious silliness and a deep love for each other that everyone who knows them can easily see.  Yesterday, I was lucky to spend the afternoon near the Historic Delafield Fish Hatchery with the couple.  The moments caught kept me laughing remembering the poking and tickling between the two as well as many sweet moments.  Patti is the light to Matt's Top Gun goofy antics.  When I asked Matt what he wanted to for Christmas he replied..."All I every wanted for Christmas was Patti.  Now I have her.  I don't need anything else..."  After spending the day with them, there is quite a lot of truth spoken in his slight "cheese" as Patti would state.  Congratulations you two and I wish you a very happy holiday as the newly betrothed "en-fianced" couple.  Stay tune for more moments coming your way from their 2016 Wedding Day and I hope you enjoy this sneak peak from their Engagement Session...  J