Cheers to the Lehmans! | Fall 2015 | Glacier Hills Park, Wisconsin

We meet on Mommy Meetup, we had our first mommy date at Su Casa Mexican restaurant, our husband's became buddies and handsome Tristan plays so nicely with my kids, they have costume parades throughout our houses and go trick or treating together...we love the Lehmans!  Brian and Ella met back in Santa Monica, California.  Their love flourished to Ohio and now to Wisconsin.  

Our common background we both met our husbands in California, Ella and I are both "Cali Gurls" (ode to Katy Perry).  Although I was raised in the downtown, suburbian entertainment capital of Burbank, Ella was raised in the real bohemian, artsy and ritzy, laid back vibe of Topanga Canyon located by Malibu beach and Pacific Palisade.   We are both born and raised Californian girls, trying to figure how to thrive in the Midwest of Wisconsin.  My life with Ella and the Lehman crowd make my Wisconsin roots deeper and more "rooted", and I am thankful every day that I know the Lehmans!  

Ella!  I love you to bits and pieces...Cheers to my one of my best friends and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak of your Fall 2015 Family Session...