California-cation Weekend

This weekend went to the dogs, I was able to leave the cold of Wisconsin and head back home to the warm and lovely Orange County coast of California. 

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
— Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

This weekend was spent in the company of our family dogs.  Tito is the leader of the pack, Tutu is his side-kick, Duffy is third wheel and Sebastian, well, Sebby is blind, has only one eye, no teeth and wants to eat all the time.  When people walk in front of our house, these four little loving creatures turn into "the Hulk" and know how to pack in a punch by their little barks.  

A much needed road trip to Santa Barbara lead to a beautiful adventure. I meet Lucy, an English Bulldog, at the Goleta Monarch Preserve.  Not much going on with the Monarchs, but Lucy was ready to tear up a mean brown stick, get some love pats from strangers walking by and strut her stuff down the catwalk.

The Monarch butterflies are know to be the kings of the butterflies.  Their orange and brown markings on their wings, they are known to be one of the strongest of their breed.  The Monarch butterflies are amazing creatures because this small winged creature will migrate far distances from North America, Canada and Mexico.  At the Goleta Monarch Preserve, you can see them hanging together on branches among the eucalyptus trees, like leaves on a vine.  When the sunlight passes through their wings, then you can catch a glimpse of their beautiful orange and black color.  This makes me appreciate how hard a small creature will work to continue it's journey in life.